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St. Anne International School (SAIS) is an integral part of St. Anne's High School and Junior College, Orlem, Malad, which is an institution that is appreciated for the sound moral, intellectual and physical education imparted over the years. It is noteworthy to mention here that St. Anne's High School celebrated its centenary year in 2016. Over these hundred years the school can boast of an alumni made of successful men and women in their field of speciality, not to mention a host of Olympians too.

St. Anne International School offers the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) curriculum. A system that introduces an education that is participative, holistic and inquiry based. In addition to the curriculum the School offers a multi dimensional programme designed to develop the child in values of honesty, integrity, self-confidence, diligence, leadership and all that goes into making a person a future citizen of the world. All this is offered through various core subjects and other subjects like Life Skills, Music, Dance, Dramatics, Robotics, Swimming and a specialized Physical Education programme.

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