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Parents seeking to secure admission for your ward/s, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Visit our website and fill the online admission form.

  2. The school has an age policy which it follows diligently for all admission applications. While applying for Grade 1 the child must have completed 6 years by December.

  3. You will receive an email from our Administrator confirming receipt of the form. You can then request for an info session to help you understand more about the school as well as grant you an opportunity for a school tour.

  4. Interaction sessions will be conducted by the Academic Coordinators of the respective departments for all applicants along with the parents to understand the child better. Baseline tests will be mandatory for all grades from 1 and above.

  5. In case of application to grades 1 and above, submission of the original leaving certificate from the previous school stating that the child has passed and is promoted to the next grade along with a behavior certificate is mandatory. The final progress report of the child’s current grade is also required to be submitted.

  6. After all the admission criteria are met along with the submission of the verified documents; you will receive an email requesting payment of the Admission Fee and Security Fee.

  7. The provisional admission can be secured/confirmed after paying the above mentioned fees.

  8.  As a school, we do follow the inclusion policy. However, parents are expected to co-operate with the school when the child is recommended for undertaking screening tests, attending speech/occupational therapy, undergoing counseling sessions and also if need be in providing a shadow teacher for the child.

  9.  We do follow the bilingual policy in the early years. From grade 1 onwards, the child is expected to communicate in English as the medium of instruction in our school is English and the child is expected to appear for his assessments (apart from Hindi, Marathi and Spanish) in English language.

  10.  An Orientation session will be organized by our faculty who are Cambridge trained, to understand more about the school curriculum. It’s mandatory for all parents seeking admission for their wards to attend it.


The documents required for admission purpose are as follows:

•          Birth certificate copy.
•          Aadhar card copy of child.
•          Passport Size photograph of the child.
•          Leaving Certificate
•          Final progress report from the previous school.

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